Research shows that up to 90% of students with substance use problems who return to their former high schools after treatment quickly begin using drugs or alcohol again. And yet, there are only 22 high schools specifically devoted to recovery across the US. Until now, there as not been a recovery high school in Austin or Central Texas.

UHS is dedicated to the transformation of our students’ lives by providing individualized, challenging academics in a fun, safe, and sober environment. We foster a culture of growth and wellness, allowing students to stay on track for college. The culture is based on the recovery principles of honesty, hope, courage, integrity, willingness, fellowship, justice, perseverance, and service.

UHS is an independent recovery high school that has the unique advantage of strategic collaborations with recovery, social service, and higher education organizations in and around the Austin community. UHS program components are founded on leading national research and best practices. The visionary model created by UHS can be replicated across the country, potentially changing thousands of lives.